Your data, unified.

The Intellischool Data Platform provides a single portal to manage your data: control who sees data, what they see, and how they can access it.


Control your data lifecycle, end-to-end

  • 🔗 Data unification

  • 🛡 The gatekeeper

  • 🤖 Workflow automation

  • 🔄 Cloud data sync

Bring together data from lots of places.

Most schools have data in a vast array of places: your SIS, LMS, Google, Office 365, and other online tools. The Data Platform brings together all of this data for you. No custom development required.

Meet the gatekeeper between third parties and your data.

Think of the Data Platform as a gatekeeper: we'll protect the data from your SIS, LMS and other apps, and grant access to that data based on the rules and consents you provide.

Automate your data with your favourite workflow tools.

Ever wanted to automatically trigger an action when a new student starts at your school? The Data Platform provides a bridge between your data and your preferred workflow tool - like Microsoft Flow or Zapier - so you can extend and automate to your heart's content.

Synchronise your cloud apps with up-to-date data.

Automatically keep your cloud apps - including Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 - up-to-date. The Data Platform will take care of provisioning, license management, and de-provisioning of accounts.

Fine-grained security controls

Give different apps and services different levels of access to your data, right down to the individual record level, across all your data sets.


Supercharge your data.

The Intellischool Data Platform takes care of the mundane data management tasks you used to do manually. Simplify and automate your data processes.


Identify duplicates, data entry errors, and automatically cleanse data based on the rules you define.


Manage a centralised data warehouse in the cloud. Query and analyse with Albitros.


Share data between apps and services while maintaining permissions.


Keep detailed logs of which apps accessed, changed, or marked your data as deleted.


Need clarification?

What is the Intellischool Data Platform?

The Intellischool Data Platform is a cloud-based data hub for schools. It connects to the various systems and tools that schools use, collects data, and stores it in a centralised location.

Is the Data Platform compatible with our systems?

The Data Platform is compatible with most major SIS and LMS products, in addition to a number of cloud-based learning tools.

How secure is our data?

Data security and privacy protection are core to Intellischool's products, and are built-in to the Data Platform. You can learn more about our data policies in our Help Centre.

How much does the Data Platform cost?

Depending on what software your school has in place, you might already have access to the Data Platform. To find out more get in touch.

A new way for educational data.