What is it?

The Intellischool Data Platform (IDaP) is a cloud-based data aggregation, storage and analytical platform designed specifically for education datasets.

Built by developers, for developers, the IDaP enables fast development of apps and data integrations. Intellischool's three main products - Wylba, Albitros and Dextyr - are all built on top of the IDaP using its open GraphQL API.

Who is it for?

Harness the power of the IDaP for your project.

We designed the IDaP to be used as a broader educational tool - not just for our own products. The platform's API enables the development of almost any type of edutech imaginable, and integration directly into client data ecosystems.

Talk to us

Software developers

Integrate with almost any type of education data - even on-premises databases.

SIS vendors

Let us do the backend, and focus on developing amazing user experiences for your clients.

IT managers

Unify your on-premises and cloud datasets into a single platform for advanced analytics.

Database admins

Extract and manipulate your data directly using our API, or build your own integrations.